Using multiple instances always forces a Roblox upgrade

If you’re facing this problem, you might also notice that no mods or changes are applied to new instances when launched. The collection of mistakes in Bloxstrap’s operation leads to this issue. This occurs when the accounts you’re launching on enrolled to different client channels. Causing a forced upgrade when you change channels. After an … Read more

Opening the Bloxstrap menu

The Bloxstrap menu is where you can change all of Bloxstrap’s settings. You probably noticed it when you installed Bloxstrap for the first time. Once Bloxstrap is installed, it becomes one of your apps. To find it again, just look for it in your list of apps or use the search option.

Uploading your Bloxstrap configuration

If you need help troubleshooting, you might be asked to upload your Bloxstrap configuration. This information is stored in multiple files, so you’ll need to upload each file separately. Uploading Bloxstrap Configuration Files: Open Bloxstrap Installation Folder: By default, it’s located at %localappdata%\Bloxstrap. Alternatively, open the menu, go to the ‘Installation’ tab, and select ‘Open … Read more

Switching between Roblox & Bloxstrap

If you want to go back to using Roblox’s original bootstrapper temporarily without uninstalling Bloxstrap, you can do so. It’s helpful for fast troubleshooting to find out if a problem in Roblox is actually caused by Bloxstrap. Both Roblox bootstrapper and Bloxstrap have their own launch shortcuts. Roblox’s bootstrapper shortcut is titled “Roblox Player” and … Read more

What is activity tracking?

In Bloxstrap, Activity tracking is a simple feature that helps it know what you’re doing in Roblox. It’s mainly used to see which game you’re playing. This feature enables things like Discord Rich Presence and the server information viewer to work. Bloxstrap runs quietly in the background until you close Roblox. you’ll see a Bloxstrap … Read more

Uninstalling Bloxstrap

Uninstalling Bloxstrap is similar to removing any other program from your computer. Removing Bloxstrap from your system is a straightforward process. If you had the original Roblox bootstrapper installed before Bloxstrap, you don’t need to reinstall Roblox. When you uninstall Bloxstrap, it will automatically switch back to the original bootstrapper. How to Uninstall Bloxstrap: Go … Read more