A guide to FastFlags

FastFlags are Roblox’s version of feature flags, and its goal is to allow Roblox to remotely change how components of the game engine/client work without having to release a new client update every time. They effectively regulate how pre-defined parts of code in the Roblox game client work. Whether it’s specifying which values they work … Read more

A deep dive on how the Roblox bootstrapper works

Bloxstrap basically copies how the official Roblox bootstrapper works and then adds extra features to make it more helpful, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.Thus, useful information on how the Roblox bootstrapper works can benefit many people. We’ll talk about how the bootstrapper works now, not its history unless we need to (it goes back to … Read more

Adding custom mods

Have you ever tried replacing Roblox’s content files, like the death sound or mouse cursor, only to have them disappear after a Roblox update? Well, with Bloxstrap, you can modify Roblox’s game client files without losing them when Roblox updates. This guide will show you how to use this feature. Every time you start Roblox, … Read more

Building Bloxstrap from Source

These are instructions for developing and building the source code so that you may contribute, debug it, and more. If you simply want to download and install Bloxstrap, go to the Installing portion of the README. If you need a build from a commit that hasn’t been released yet, get a build artifact from GitHub … Read more

Integrating Bloxstrap functionality into your game

How can you utilize the features that Bloxstrap has to offer if you’re a game developer on Roblox? Activity tracking enables Bloxstrap to facilitate one-way data communication between it and Roblox scripts. This feature is called BloxstrapRPC. It lets you send a command from a Roblox script to trigger a function in Bloxstrap. Communication is … Read more

Roblox crashes or does not launch

If you’re experiencing Roblox crashes or Roblox isn’t launching when it should, it’s probably not a problem with Bloxstrap but with Roblox itself. However, this page can provide potential solutions. If you’re using Bloxstrap and experiencing issues, first check if Bloxstrap is causing them. You can do this by temporarily switching back to the normal … Read more

“Attempted to teleport to a restriced place” error when using multiple instances

To resolve this, you just need to add Bloxstrap’s installation folder as an exception in your antivirus settings. If you’re not sure how to do this, search online for instructions specific to your antivirus program. Not everyone experiences this, but it’s a known problem related to account authentication. If you’re facing this issue, it’s best … Read more

“An error occurred trying to start process” error when launching Roblox

If your error message looks similar to this one, then this problem applies to you. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: An error occurred trying to start process ‘C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Bloxstrap\Versions\version-24872f7beace4d0a\RobloxPlayerBeta.exe’ with working directory ‘xxxx’. Access is denied. Antivirus programs, especially Avast, have recently started mistakenly identifying Bloxstrap’s download of Roblox as harmful, for unknown reason. This leads to Avast blocking Bloxstrap … Read more