Bloxstrap v2.5.4 Latest

Yep, another bugfix release. Primarily to help mitigate the number of issues brought on from the past week or so.

  • Fixed option for font modding not showing on older versions of Windows
  • Fixed text overflow in the flag import dialog
  • The channel selector has been removed, and using a restricted channel will auto-switch you to the default one.
  • Removed option to configure rendering mode due to how much instability it causes. It will be added back in the future when better precautions are in place.

Bloxstrap v2.5.3

This release fixes a bunch of stuff that I overlooked. Namely, just the following two problems:

  • Fixed selected escape menu version not applying when choosing either V1 or V2
  • Fixed deployment mirror selection not properly checking for errors (yknow, that “503 (Service Unavailable)” error that was probably happening to you earlier today)

I’m not gone, I’m just busy, but I do have a bunch of big things and changes planned. See you until then, unless I end up making another bugfix release.

Bloxstrap v2.5.2

Oh, already? Well, this is just to clean up a bunch of things that I missed out on last time around, so there isn’t much here. Testing in production is awesome. Wouldn’t recommend it though.

  • Fixed a bug with an “access is denied” error sometimes being thrown when launching Roblox
  • More friendly error messages are shown for common issues (failed auto-updating, shortcut creation, etc)
  • Fixed a bug with closing the dialog while launching not actually stopping the bootstrapper
  • Fixed default application opener not working properly
  • Added mitigations for the “decryption operation failed” error, which has been plaguing users for a while
  • Fixed selected theme not applying to the notification area icon menu

Bloxstrap v2.5.1

So about that whole “not being forced to release updates on short notice” thing… guess what happened this time? Roblox updated something that broke activity tracking today, so here we are. Luckily for you guys, I managed to cram in most of the bugfixes queued in the todo list just yesterday.


  • Activity tracking has been fixed (of course)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Connectivity checking has been improved
  • Fixed selected channel sometimes not applying
  • Flag names can now be edited in the FastFlag editor
  • Added further restrictions when choosing an install location (can’t be the root of a drive, can’t be in a user profile folder, etc)
  • Improved problems relating to file access conflicts
  • Fixed problems with exception dialog sometimes showing multiple times
  • Exception dialog now lists all the inner exceptions for the relevant error
  • Clipboard copying has been fixed
  • Improved problems relating to bootstrapper cancelling
  • Channel now defaults to LIVE if it doesn’t exist
  • Fixed selected escape menu version not showing
  • Altering mods no longer takes effect while Roblox is running, which was causing errors
  • FastFlag importing from JSON can now be done by copy-paste instead of file selection
  • Fixed a bug with BloxstrapRPC rich presence configuration not applying when joining a game


  • Ability to change install location after installation has been removed
  • Built-in dropdown for channel selection has been removed
  • Antialiasing quality preset has been removed due to it causing rendering issues on Nvidia cards