Building Bloxstrap from Source

These are instructions for developing and building the source code so that you may contribute, debug it, and more. If you simply want to download and install Bloxstrap, go to the Installing portion of the README. If you need a build from a commit that hasn’t been released yet, get a build artifact from GitHub Actions.

It should be noted that this is possible on Windows, however it requires the.NET Desktop Runtime.

To begin, download the source repository using either git clone or GitHub Desktop. Avoid downloading it as a ZIP archive, as you’ll encounter issues without using git.

> git clone

> cd bloxstrap

> git submodule init

> git submodule update

After downloading the repository, there are two ways to build the source code. If you don’t have Visual Studio installed, it’s better to build it using .NET CLI.

These instructions are for generating a release binary. If you are not doing this, you can simply use Visual Studio’s debugging tools.

Build with Visual Studio

Note: Publishing through Visual Studio isn’t working properly on the main branch right now. It should be fixed on the version-2.6.0-contingency branch. If you’re still having trouble, please open an issue.

Open Bloxstrap.sln in Visual Studio, then right-click the Bloxstrap project in the Solution Explorer, and choose ‘Publish’. If needed, adjust your build options (though you probably won’t need to change anything), and click ‘Publish’.

Building Bloxstrap from source

Building Bloxstrap from source

Build with .NET CLI

If you do not have Visual Studio installed, you can download and install the.NET 6 SDK instead.

Open a terminal and go to the folder containing Bloxstrap.sln. Then execute the following command:

> dotnet publish /p:PublishProfile=Publish-x64

If you need to set up any build options, use the command dotnet help publish to find out how to do it for publishing.

After you’ve finished building

Go to the Bloxstrap folder (the one with Bloxstrap.csproj) where the compiled files are in bin\Release\net6.0-windows\publish. From there, you can either run and install it as new, or copy it to your Bloxstrap installation folder.

Building Bloxstrap from source

If you’ve come this far, you might want to turn off automatic updates for convenience.

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