Adding custom mods

Have you ever tried replacing Roblox’s content files, like the death sound or mouse cursor, only to have them disappear after a Roblox update? Well, with Bloxstrap, you can modify Roblox’s game client files without losing them when Roblox updates. This guide will show you how to use this feature.

Every time you start Roblox, all the files in the mods folder are copied to the version folder. For instance, if you put a file at content\sounds\ouch.ogg in the mods folder, it will replace the file at content\sounds\ouch.ogg in the version folder. In this situation, it changes the death sound. This process of replacing files is done and checked every time you start Roblox.

Adding custom mods

Adding custom mods

If you delete a file from the mods folder, Bloxstrap will restore the original file the next time Roblox starts, if there was an original file.

Remember, if you’ve added files like a new death sound or mouse cursor, disable any mod presets that might interfere with them. Presets are more important than added files, so if a preset has a dropdown menu, keep it on Default.

If you want to customize something yourself, explore Roblox’s files to see what you can replace. To find Roblox’s version folder, go up one folder from the mods folder.

Usually, the mods folder doesn’t have the same structure as the version folder. So, you will often need to create new folders in order to represent your file’s location within the version folder.

Locations of interest

  • Mouse cursors – located in content\textures\Cursors\KeyboardMouse\ – will appear invisible if too large, around 64×64 is recommended.
  • Humanoid sounds – located in content\sounds\
  • Fonts – located in content\fonts\ – use this if you only want to replace one specific font
  • Avatar editor background – located at ExtraContent\places\Mobile.rbxl – any rbxl can be used, but it must be set up correctly for the avatar to load

Using existing mod packs

Bloxstrap offers several mod presets for commonly used functions, making it easier for you. You can also use any Roblox file mod packs with Bloxstrap. You can find many mods on GameBanana, where most people share their mods.

Remember that whatever files or folders you’re guided to place into your version folder, you place into the mods folder instead.

Remember what was said earlier about conflicting mod presets. Make sure to turn off anything that might cause problems.

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